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FOOTGRIP is a Natural Rubber Shower Cushion for Non-Skid Safety and Comfort. FOOTGRIP is a very popular matting in Nursing Homes and Aged Care showers. Hundreds of holes in the FOOTGRIP mats allow easy drainage and provide a non-slip surface. These anti-slip mats are conveniently reversible, lie flat and are mold/mildew resistant!

FOOTGRIP Product Features:
  • Hundreds of holes for easy drainage.
  • Non-Skid quality means no sliding on slippery surfaces.
  • Resists sliding on wet drained surfaces.
  • Do NOT use in a filled bath, it will float.
  • Luxury resilient cushioning warmed by the shower gently massage your feet at the same time.
  • Lies flat and is reversible.
  • From th same manufacturer as flat Rubber Anchor rug underlay USA
  • Inside drained showers only
  • Mold and Mildew resistant. Cannot shrink
  • Contains no PVC. Ideal for those with allergies to PVC.
  • Environmentally friendly natural rubber - a renewable resource, ethically sourced, made in the USA with flat Rubber Anchor.


  • In Nursing Homes and Aged Care showers
  • Car roof top liner under luggage
  • Shower seats for the elderly or infirm
  • Physiotherapists cut Footgrip into small pieces to cover limbs and body areas to create pressure points under bandaging on patients
  • Rug underlays to hard floors.

Care Instructions:

Regularly rinse clean by hand or cold machine wash in light dishwashing detergent. Lay flat, hang or machine dry on lowest setting. Remove immediately at end of cycle. Will not shrink. Dries quickly due to open construction. Do not leave out to dry in direct sunlight.

Footgrip surefoot shower mat activates when wet and will crumble if walked on directly when dry with shoes. It is for drained areas only, it is not secure in a filled bath, nor outside a bath nor shower where it would be dry. Of course it can be used under any bathroom mat for a luxurios soft feel underfoot and for air circulation to dry.

Pricing & Sizing Details:

You can order full 18.3 metre rolls or get cut pieces in any length you desire!



18.3m Long x 61cm Wide Long (Full Roll) $356.85 ($392.54 inc GST) 1.00 kg/sqm
5-8mm thick
Custom Cut Length x 61cm Wide $36.00 ($39.60 inc GST) per metre


18.3m Long x 180cm Wide (Full Roll) $1026.00 ($1128.60 inc GST)
Custom Cut Length x 180cm Wide $105.00 ($115.50 inc GST) per metre