Cutting Mats:

Yoga mat rolls are quick and simple to cut with
a) household scissors, but even easier and more precisely with
b) reverse "lined" side of a drawing board and cutting blade
c) or as described below:

1) First decide on the length you need and place two pieces of 1mtr wide tape perfectly parallel on the floor at that distance.
2) Place the end of the mat roll on one tape and hold it down
3) Place a 60cm piece of cardboard (or cutting board) over the second piece of tape.
4) Roll the mat about 30cm past the second piece and cut above that tape pressing firmly through the mat cutter and just into the cardboard (or cutting board), taking care not to cut through it.
5) Keep the cutting blade vertical at all times and carefully follow the horizontal lines that are part of the texture of the yoga mat.
6) After the original set up, cutting can progress very quickly to take approximately 15 minutes.