RUG-LOCK - for rugs on any floor!

RUG-LOCK is guaranteed to hold any rug flat in place on all floors.

RUG-LOCK is made with a special non-aggressive dry adhesive that will adhere to carpeted or polished floors but is not transferable. RUG-LOCK cannot damage any rug or carpet. In fact, it adds to the life of both by reducing friction.

How to apply your RUG-LOCK:
  1. Vacuum the carpeted area throughly and make sure the back of your rug is clean and free of dirt.

  2. Place the rug face down, apply RUG-LOCK to the back of the rug with the green poly foil side up, turn the rug together with RUG-LOCK and place it in the exact location you have selected.

  3. Fold the rug back half-way. Peel the green foil off the expected half of the rug. Cut the foil off at the center of the rug.
  4. Fold the completed half of the rug back onto the carpet, making sure it is smooth.

  5. Fold the other side back half-way and repeat the process outlined above.

Note: For small size rugs, 60cm x 120cm up to 90cm x 150cm, it may be simpler to apply the RUG-LOCK in one step without folding)