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Please note: You may notice some white powder on the back side of Airex's Mats, this is industrial talcum. It's necessary during the expanding process, when the mats expand in the oven. These prevent the mat to glue to the oven and are absolutely harmless. This could leave the mats back side slightly brighter.

The powder (talcum) is best removed with hot cloth. It however will not entirely disappear. During the expenditure of Airex mats, when the mats are heated in the oven, the talcum actually enters into the pores of the mat, so a slight discoloration (of the back side of the mat) will always be visible. In order to get the anti-slippery effect, we advise washing away any remaining talc. On the mat's reverse, the talcum will, nevertheless, be apparent. Most of the time, it resembles dust but cannot be avoided. With this, you can always tell which side of the mat is the front top side.
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