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15cm Inflatable Massage Balls

Product Code: rtyafbma15

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$10.00 ($11.00 inc GST)



These balls are a more gentle approach to self massage as they are inflatable and therefore have a softer body and more give when pressure is applied.

  • Perfect for a gentle, light massage

  • Nodules help to activate acupressure points

  • Helps to increase blood flow

  • Perfect as a sensory tool for small children

  • Can be blown up easily with our Brass Needle Pump available here

  • Available in Blue or Yellow

For a harder massage ball that can get more deeply into your muscles and tissue, please see the massage balls here.

Tips for use
As these balls are inflatable and soft lying on them is not recommended as they could burst.

If using them for your feet or your back sitting on a chair can help to ensure you do not apply too much pressure and also helps you to keep your balance.