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50% off the Beige Rolls! Beige (Limited Edition) *Image of the Manduka Pro Squared Mat - Currently Out of Stock *Image of the Manduka Pro Squared Mat - Currently Out of Stock

190cm Extra Wide Giant Mat Roll (20 Metres)

Product Code: rtEX190

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Full Beige Roll (Limited Edition) - 50% off!



Full 20m Beige Roll (Limited Edition) - 50% off!
Our 190cm Giant Yoga Mat Rolls (beige or black) are the largest mat rolls we have found! Measuring 190cm Wide on a 20m roll, this matting can be purchased as a full roll, as a pre-cut yoga mat size or you can customize your table, drawer and shelf matting and purchase whichever length suits you! This matting is designed to handle more heavy use and abuse than stadard mats. These mattings are sold by us as Basic (thin 1.6mm),  Softgrip (4.5mm), Ultra (6.2mm), High Density (6.2mm) please enquire.

Measuring 4.5mm - 5mm Thick; Elastic Extra is perfect for both hard floors or carpeted areas, both indoors or outside. It's textured non-slip surface is closed-cell making it easy to clean and more hygienic than open-celled mats (no holding bacteria or germs in the body of the matting).

With our customizable sizing you have the option choose what size suits you and your space. Yogis can easily transition from one asana to the next without the worry of running out of mat.

  • 190cm Wide

  • Weight: Approx. 970g per sq metre
    (Approx. 2.2kg for a 60cm Wide Cut)
  • Available in Full Rolls, Pre-Cut Mats, Square Mats or Cut to Size Custom Lengths (Please note we cannot customize the width - 190cm Wide)

  • Textured non-skid surface (not suitable for hot or sweaty yoga)

  • Can easy be cut with scissors or a blade

  • Extremely durable, more shock absorbing surface suppresses noise and resists stains and scuffs.

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Black is FIRE RETARDANT according to DIN 13501-1 class Bfl-s1
  • Latex Free

  • Made from a PVC outside coating with a PES/glass fibre yarn inside

  • Sound insulation 29dB
  • Made in Germany

  • Only Available in Black or Beige

Please be aware though that this type of yoga mat surface is not suitable for hot yoga, bikram yoga, or the excessive sweaters. As it will provide little to no adhesion when wet.

If the flooring is treated with water-based lacquers, please allow at least 3 months full drying time before using this product.

    ECO FRIENDLY Made in Germany and tested against harmful substances for skin contact (Oeko-Tex 100 Level 2) to ensure your safety. see www.oeko-tex.com You can be sure your mat is absolutely safe to work on, no matter how long you practice on it. This test is for articles which are worn or where there is significant direct contact with the skin and tests for Heavy Metals, DOP Softeners and other chemicals. These mats are also carefully produced so as to not emit toxic gases during manufacturing and due to their superior wear, they are less likely to end up in landfills. They are also flame-retardant.