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SPEED HARNESS - Train Speed, Agility, Balance, Qickness and Explosiveness

  • Increase the rate of force production and develop maximum leg drive for top acceleration
  • Choose shoulder or waist harness
  • Great for short and lateral sprints, forward and backward movements
  • Tubular steel handle with foam rubber grip and hook
  • Black nylon strap with 2 hooks
  • Shoulder harness is padded with two D-rings

The Speed Harness is available in 5 different options (see details below):


Type: F31100 - 120cm Speed Harness with 2 Waist Belts
$48.95 ($53.85 inc GST)

Unit includes 120cm of safety sleeve tubing and 2 waist belts

Type: F31200 - 130cm Speed Harness with Waist Belt & Tubular Steel Handle
$37.95 ($41.75 inc GST)

Unit includes 130cm of safety sleeve tubing, a tubular steel handle and 1 waist belt

Users Comments:

"Of the Speed Harness equipment models, the best is F31400. The waist belt is much better as it is pulling through your centre of gravity. When you are pulled by the shoulders your back has to do much more work. For the F31400 (or F31500) model, harness in 2 people and then stretch the rope as far as you can take it. Then both people start running as fast as they can in the same direction. The person behind is pulled much faster and so has to run faster - hence, develops more leg speed (otherwise they fall over!).

"The F31300 Speed Harness model is faily basic, you may get more benefit running up steep hills or stairs".

"My coach uses a version of the F31100 and F31200 models however this type of running situation is better served with a stiff rope instead of an elastic rope. That way the person holding from behind has more control over the speed of the runner. However, these models do have some use as they are exceptionally good as working on running technique especially when fatigued. I have done a few sessions in "belts" (F32100) where I couldn't stand up after the session"

"The F31200 is superior in performance (i.e. control) than the other version.

DJ F - mechanical engineer