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Airex Balance Pad Mini Duo (Twin Pack)

Product Code: rtyAfBal/airex/duo/charcoal/.8P/3.9C

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$119.00 ($130.90 inc GST)
25cm x 40cm x 6cm



The Airex Balance Pad Minis are made in a practicle double pack in order to acheive more variety during training!

The Airex Balance Pad Mini Duo Twin Pack was developed particularly for the requirements in functional training and it is also ideal for traveling. In addition to its use as an active training tool, it offers the trainer good support when instructing.

The smaller training area is ideal for one-legged and single-handed functional exercises as well as for dynamic training and the small makes the duo set of Balance Pads fit into sports bags or hand luggage easily!

Please note that due to the comfortable, smooth surface, the Airex Balance Pads may not be entirely slip-resistant on smooth floors.

The AIREX products are designed as movement therapeutic aid for both institutional and domestic use. An object lying on the floor serves as a support for a person during medically indicated or prescribed exercises to improve motor skills and balance or postural control and/or for the therapeutic movement treatment of muscle weakness in the limbs and trunk as a result of a neurological or othopedic disease.