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Airex Balance Pad Cloud

Product Code: rtyAfBal/airex/cloud/red/.7P/3.9C

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$129.00 ($141.90 inc GST)
48cm x 40cm x 6cm
Available in Red



The Airex Cloud Red Balance Pad is the reliable companion for extreme training that athletes have been waiting for. For more than 30 years, Airex Balance Pads have been the ultimate must-have for all balance, stretching and strength training workouts. The Cloud Pad, in bold red, was built on that foundation and they made a great product even softer.

With the Cloud Pad, the foot reflex zones are pleasantly massaged during training and the proprioceptive perception is sensory stimulated. A material density with a very soft texture constantly required the body to make compensatory movements. With these properties, the Airex Cloud Balance Pad is an indispensible exercise device.

These pads are ideal for any workout. Soft and cushiony, The Cloud Pad gently absorbs shock to prevent injuries. Outside the gym, they are also great around the garden, garage, kitchen, bathroom, attic or basement - anywhere that cushioning is needed! They are an extra layer of comfort on seats too.

Thanks to its double embossig, the Cloud Balance Pad offers a non-slip surface, even during demanding Yoga, Pilates, physical therapy, mobility and core strength training workouts. Additionally, the pad is sturdy enough to be used anywhere - indoors, outdoors and, because they float, in water! Due to its higher softness, the Pad is particularly suitable for athletes and advanced fitness users as well as advanced physiotherapy and balance training.

  • 48cm x 40cm x 6cm

  • Softer and more cushiony than the Airex Elite & Solid Balance Pads

  • Double-sided embossing keeps the pad in position

  • Use indoors, outdoors and in water!