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AIREX Corona Pilates Mats

Product Code: rtYM/airex/corona

Please note that the Corona Mats are too large to send via Australia Post. Please leave delivery instructions on the checkout page so we can ensure our courier can deliver them.

If you are purchasing more than 10 Mats with us today, you can apply a 10% discount using the selection box below. Please note that if you do not have 10 Mats on your order the full price will be charged.

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100cm x 185cm x 15mm
$185.00 ($203.50 inc GST)
100cm x 200cm x 15mm
$205.00 ($225.50 inc GST)



The AIREX® Corona 185 has developed into the must-have mat for physiotherapy and personal trainers. Thanks to its comfortable width of 100cm, it even offers adequate space for two persons. This makes it ideal for all therapy applications and forms of training with the support of a therapist or trainer. At home it offers sufficient space for partner exercises on the mat.  The Corona also features outstanding damping characteristics and, in particular, a long lifespan. In many cases, the AIREX® Corona even lasts for more than 20 years when used in physiotherapy practices.

Soft, supple, cushioning & insulating

Simple to clean, antimicrobial finish

Surface structure and special foam technology prevent slipping

Yielding & supportive. Helps to protect against injuries

Water Repellent
Closed cell foam. No penetration of water or dirt

Flat Placement
No tripping thanks to flat placement on the floor

Long Life Span
Hard-wearing material for many years of use

Versatile application. Suitable for indoors, outdoors and in water

Sizing & Pricing

185cm Corona Mat

Size: 100cm x 185cm x 15mm
Weight: 4.1kg
Available Colours: Blue, Red & Charcoal

Buy 1 - 9 Mats = $185.00 ($203.50 inc GST)
Buy 10 + Mats = $166.50 ($183.15 inc GST)

200cm Corona Mat

Size: 100cm x 200cm x 15mm
Weight: 4.1kg
Available Colours: Charcoal

Buy 1 - 9 Mats = $205.00 ($225.50 inc GST)
Buy 10 + Mats = $184.50 ($202.95 inc GST)