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Airex Balance Pad Solid

Product Code: rtyAfBal/airex/solid/blue/1P/4C

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$105.00 ($115.50 inc GST)
Available in Royal Blue
46cm x 41cm x 6cm



The Solid Airex Balance Pad featues a higher density that massively increases the degee of hardness. It allows much softer stimuli during your session as it is not as unstable or as wobbly as all of the other Airex Balance Pads.

It is an optimum tool for senior people or therapists who want to use it in the early course of therapy. The extensive waffle-like embossing on both sides allows for a slip-resistant and safe therapy and training experience. Due to its extremely robust properties this Balance Pad can also be used in more intense functional training exercises and can also be trained on in shoes. 

  • 46cm x 41cm x 6cm

  • Approx. 1kg

  • Denser than all other Airex Balance Pads

  • Robust & shoe-proof