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Airex Titania Mat

Product Code: rtYM/airex/titania/aqua/20C

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$598.00 ($657.80 inc GST)

125cm x 200cm x 32mm



Specially developed for school and club sports. With a thickness of 3.2, the Titania mat has the ultimate damping properties. A special coating is provided to protect the mat foam sustainably, even after frequent use with sneakers. This feature makes it extremely robust and durable. The right-angled cut of the AIREX® Titania allows a seamless laying to larger surfaces.

With a thickness of 32mm, the Airex Titania is a monster mat with the ultimate damping properties. It has a special coating that helps to protect the mat foam sustainably, even after frequent use. It is an extremely durable and robust mat that can even be used on wearing shoes. 

  • 125cm x 200cm x 32mm

  • Only available in WATERBLUE Green (as pictured)

Ultimate Comfort:
Insulating and with perfect high damping properties

Highest Security:
Optimal stretch, flat-lying, robust & non-slip

Weather Resistant:
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use

Extremely sturdy and stable

Sanitized treatment and easy to clean

$598.00 (657.80 inc GST)