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Anatomy For Yoga with Paul Grilley

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Join internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and scholar Paul Grilley for Anatomy for Yoga, the DVD that has become a paradigm-shifting modern classic in the years since it became Pranamaya's first-ever release. A must-see for yoga practitioners of all levels and a compelling viewing experience for anyone interested in understanding their own body.

The acclaimed DVD used in teacher training programs around the world!

An invaluable resource for both yoga students and teachers, this comprehensive DVD includes nearly 4 hours of in-depth lectures, demonstrations and special features on human anatomy as it relates to yoga practice. The focus of the DVD is comparative skeletal anatomy: understanding the underlying skeletal structure of the body, how the shapes and sizes of the bones differ from person to person, and how to use that knowledge in gaining a much deeper understanding of our individual yoga practices.

Paul Grilley explains the key concepts of compression, tension, proportion and orientation with the help of a wide range of yoga students. These concepts help us to understand why no two people will ever experience the same yoga posture in exactly the same way. Paul's light-hearted yet provocative approach will challenge many misconceptions about yoga while providing the foundation for the development of a truly personal yoga practice grounded in safety and respect.

Highlights from this DVD include:

  • Nearly 4 hours of presentations, comparisons and special features

  • Interactive Skeleton features as an anatomy study aid

  • Bonus lecture: differences among real human femur bones

  • Q&A: real yoga teachers ask Paul common questions about anatomy and yoga

Anatomy presentation topics include:

  • Tension vs. Compression

  • The Eight Major Joints of the Body: an overview using comparative anatomy

  • The Shoulder vs. the Spine

  • The Femur and the Pelvis

  • The Importance of Skeletal Proportion

  • Orientation to Gravity