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$51.50 ($56.65 inc GST)



Our Sitting Wedge's are an inflatable wedge shaped cushion with a pebbled/massage surface and a flat bottom.

The Sitting Wedge helps to promote good posture while maintaining the natural S-curve in the spine.

Like a Fitness Ball, the Sitting Wedge relies on you restabilizing and engaging your muscles to ensure stability in the cushion.

  • Sit comfortably but in a more active way

  • Realigns and strengthens posture

  • Strengthens spinal and abdominal muscles

  • Helps improve balance and stability

  • Helps to relieve pain and tension in your lower back

  • Engage multiple muscle groups at once

  • Encourages a more upright position when seated

  • Kids size is PVC-Free (Made from TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomers)

Available in Two Sizes:

Small / Kids Wedge (PVC-Free)
Approx. 25.5cm Across x 26cm Long x 7cm High

Large / Adult Size (PVC)
Approx. 34cm Across x 34.5cm Long x 7.5cm High

$51.50 each ($56.65 inc GST)