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We have a few different pumps available. Depending on whether you pumping up small pilates balls or filling your studio with large fitness balls, we are sure to have the right pump for the job!

Pump with Brass Needle

An easy, convenient and fast way to blow up your exercise balls.
25cm long. Only available in Blue.

Suitable for:

$6.00 ($6.60 inc GST)

Blaster Pump

Dual way pump. 28cm long.
Only available in Black.

$6.00 ($6.60 inc GST)

Small Ball Pump

This is a small ball pump that still has the capability of blowing up big balls.
15cm long. Only available in Black.

$6.00 ($6.60 inc GST)

Double Action Hand Pump

Pump up any of our balls in just a few minutes! This double action hand pump offers a continuous stream air flow, on both the up and down strokes. The large, non-kink hose features a simple, nozzle that inserts easily. The pump features a large handle and a good size foot plate for added stability whilst pumping. It's made of lightweight, non-corrosive plastic. This is the perfect pump for yoga studios, pilates studios, health / fitness centers, gyms, or schools that need to pump up a large number of balls at once.

$21.50 ($23.65 inc GST)