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Beyond Yoga - Jungalow High Waisted Capri

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$40.00 ($44.00 inc GST)
By Justina Blakeney and Co.



    Beyond Yoga has partnered with designer Justina Blakeney, founder of The Jungalow, to bring you this limited edition collection. We’re featuring two unique prints inspired by Justina’s bohemian aesthetic on our popular capri legging. You will always be planted in style wearing this capri. Walk on the wild side!
  • No outside seams

  • Low calf length

  • 5" waistband, sits at natural waist

JUNGALOW is brought to you by world renowned Designer, Artist and Author, JUSTINA BLAKENEY.
With over 2 million followers online, Justina has been dubbed by Harper's Bazaar as one of Instagrams top designers.
Her designs are limitless, whether they be clothing, bedding, furniture, pillows, rugs, tapesties, posters, wallpapers, stationary etc.

Learn more about Justina at www.justinablakeney.com and do not forget to check out her Instagram here