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Bheka Teardrop Back Support

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$64.00 ($70.40 inc GST)



The unique design of the Bheka Teardrop Back Support will help you to open your upper back, support your mid-back and traction your lower spine. The shape of the cushions allows you to gently open your chest and the spaces between the vertebrae. Helping to restore your natural arch and to relieve discomfort, the Bheka Teardrop Back Support, whilst helping to open the chest and expand the lungs, will also help to relax your entire body.

This cushion also helps to apply a gentle compressive force to hard to reach areas of your spine. Positive results like relief of back pain, sciatica and peroneal nerve discomfort can often be felt immediately. For long lasting results and help with spinal 5 minutes to 20 minutes a day of use is recommended.

    • Made with double stitched, starched cotton canvas (AZO-free dyes)

    • Each cushion is stuff with Buckwheat Hulls (a more movable, malliable stuffing compared to cotton)

    • Comes with a zipper so you can alter the amount of stuffing inside to better suit your body

    • Approx. 1kg

    • Approx. 38cm Long x 13cm High

    Teardrop Support Basic Use Teardrop Support Basic Use (7.65 MB)

    Additional Buckwheat Hulls

    Buckwheat Hulls can crush down over time. Instead of replacing your cushion or pillow completely, you can easily top it up and extend it's cushiony life with our 475g top up bags.

    Available in 475g Bags - $15.40 each ($16.94 inc GST)