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Clean 6.2mm Anti-Bacterial Yoga Mat

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60cm x 173cm x 6.2mm thick



The CLEAN Antibacterial Yoga Mat in an innovative yoga mat with antimicrobial properties built right into the mat to help prevent the growth of bacteria. This germ and odor-fighting antibacterial layer is manufactured right into the yoga mat and will never fade away, wash off or wash out over time.

The protective barrier is a great feature for sweatier types of yoga such as Bikram, Power Yoga, or Vinyasa Flow. The Antibacterial Yoga Mat stays fresher for longer because it provides an important protective barrier between you and potentially harmful bacteria that may reside on an unprotected mat.

This mat will offer you piece of mind, allowing you to focus on your yoga practice without worrying about harmful germs. And because of its high quality and antimicrobial properties, this mat will last longer than most standard foam or PVC yoga mats.

  • 60cm Wide x 173cm Long

  • 6.2mm Thick

  • Soft Support

  • Made from PVC

  • Suitable to use on carpet or hard floors

  • Textured on both sides

  • Resists harmful bacteria & reduces odor

  • Extremely durable & long-lasting

  • Antibacterial / anti-microbial properties will not wash away