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Cobble Foam Uneven-Surface Balance Trainer

Product Code: rtyAfba/op/cblf/500/1.3kg

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$209.00 ($229.90 inc GST)



Perform exercises to help rehabilitate the lower extremities following injury or surgery, and for vestibular training, sports training and more.

Developed by a physical therapist, this versatile balance training system simulates walking on uneven terrain. Improve balance by performing basic to advanced movements from walking, hopping, marching, lunging and static balance exercises. CobbleFoam™ is ideal for individuals recovering from injury or surgery, geriatric patients, athletes and everyone in between.


  • Improve balance
  • Strengthen the lower extremities
  • Encourage recovery following injury or surgery
  • Improve sports performance


  • Each board is constructed of a 16” x 16” EVA foam base with a non-slip bottom
  • Each board includes 16 durable foam blocks: 8 short (2 ¼” high), 8 tall ( 2 ¾” high)
  • Blocks can be moved to form different patterns to vary challenge level
  • Multiple boards can be placed together to form a walkway
  • Includes insert with exercise instructions
  • Includes sturdy carrying bag with handles