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Eva Myo Ball

Product Code: rtyAFBeva

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Textured grip, light, ideal for water sports.
15cm & 20cm Diameter Available



This ball is made out of EVA foam and is therefore very lightweight (approx 200g) and floats in water. This EVA ball is closed cell and does not absorb moisture or bacteria. On two sides the ball has a slight texture in form of a flower (see right image above) which allows better grip between your hands, arms or legs. The ball is available in 2 different sizes (see details below).

Product Features:

  • Lightweight but sturdy for myofascial release

  • Closed cell, heat sealed, will not abbsorb moisture or bacteria.

  • Floats in water

  • Retains shape

  • Blue Marble colour

  • Slight texture on two sides for better grip

15cm diam (6") for Advanced  |  20cm diam (8") for Intermediate

Sizing & Pricing:

15cm (6") - $32.40  ($35.64 inc GST)
20cm (8") - $43.20  ($47.52 inc GST)