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Foam Knee Pad / Neck Circle Pad

Product Code: rtyaRfkp/AC0430

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Soft Cushioning Support for Hands,
Feet, Knees, Back & Spine
Sold in Pairs or Individually



  • Pads can be used to provide comfort, tension-free starting position and find neutral alignment
  • When used on equipment, the pad can be placed under the hip or pelvis to provide comfort or under the head for neutral alignment on the reformer
  • Can be used to protect your knees and hands when on all-fours and helps keep your body from sliding
    Help find optimal ergonomic posture for all exercises and meditation performed on the back. Laying flat on a mat the head tends to pull backwards which can lead to neck and shoulder tension, or even affects the entire back. Tension and pain is sometimes not felt until much later but the exercise or asanas itself may not have been the cause. Instead, it may have been head position during the exercise that places the neck in a compromised position.
    This pad was designed to prevent, reduce, or eliminate neck pain from laying on the floor. When placed under the base of the head, the pad provides a cushioned base of support keeping the neck in comfortable alignment. The height of the circle puts the head in a biomechanically optimal position you may require..
    Ideal also for yogis during Shivasana, for pilates and fitness instructors at the end of session with the participants or for a break whilst working on the computer.
  • Measurements: 29cm diameter, 2cm thick. Sold Indiviually. Only available in blue (pictured)

1 x Pair - $24.00 ($26.40 inc. GST)

Single Item - $15.00 each ($16.50 inc GST)