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Blue 90cm x 15cm Long Roller Marble Blue 90cm x 15cm Long Roller Marble Green 90cm x 15cm Long Roller Black 90cm x 15cm Long Roller Marble Red 90cm x 15cm Long Soft Roller Blue 60cm x 15cm Medium Roller Blue 30cm x 15cm Short Roller Marble Blue 30cm x 15cm Short Roller Black 30cm x 15cm Short Roller Foam Roller Stand

Round Foam Rollers for Pilates, MELT etc.

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SIZES: 30cm, 60cm or 90cm
LONG MARBLE BLUE ON SALE $55.00 ($60.50 inc GST)
$35.00 ($38.50 inc GST)!



Foam Rollers are designed to help improve balance in Pilates exercises. Constructed from durable high-density EVA, these foam rollers have excellent memory characteristics and will regain their original shape after being compressed in a workout. These foam rollers are ideal for abdominal and spine stretches in yoga and massage therapy as well as myofascial release. The foam rollers have rounded corners for added comfort, no sharp ends to chip away. Comes in both 30cm, 60cm & 90cm lengths.

  • Designed for balance practicing,muscular flexibility and dynamic strength

  • Use half round to start balance training, after improving balance switch to the full round foam roller

  • Use the foam roller to stretch muscles and tendons and also use it to break down soft tissue adhesions or scar tissue

  • Gentle on your joints, bones and muscles as you use your own body weight

  • You can also perform a self-massage, myofascial release or break up trigger points

  • Exercises with the roller can increase your blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues

  • You can target pretty much any muscle group using the foam rollers

  • Foam rollers are the chosen tool of elite athletes and medical professionals alike

  • These foam rollers keep their shape even after years of use

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