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Hanging Rack for Friedola Mats

8mm Gymnastikmatten (Diamond Embossing)

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ON SALE $69.00 ($75.90inc GST)
$62.00 ($68.20 inc GST)!

180cm x 65cm x 8mm



Made from a high-quality supportive foam, these Gymnastics Mats by Friedola are a thick 8mm mat made from a dense and supportive soft foam. Embedded with a security pattern to assist its anti-slip surface, these mats are perfect for a whole range of different exercises and stretch based routines. Ideal as a CROSSOVER MAT for gymnastics, fitness or yoga.

Suitable for pilates, meditation, stretching, cross-training, HIIT, mat pilates, plyometrics, barre, rehabilitative therapy, antenatal exercises and massages; these mats have an anti-microbial finish and are tested for harmful substances in accordance with Oeko-Tex requirements, ensuring they are hygienic, kind to your skin and phthalate free.

  • 180cm x 65cm

  • 8mm thick, dense foam

  • Textured top surface provides grip (with or without shoes) with a soft-top surface and durable bottom layer provides support and performance enhancement

  • 100% Polyester carrier internal web, High value Vinyl coating

  • Long-lasting materials and construction ensure durability
  • Approx. 2.2kg

  • Pthalate free

  • Fresh & Clean anti microbial and fungicide through OIT. Prevents moisture and dirt from absorbing into the anti-microbial surface, allowing double protection and easy cleaning

  • Integrated Eyelets for hanging and storage at finess centres

  • Checkerboard embossed security pattern for grip

  • Made in Germany

  • OEKO-TEX Certified

  • Only available in Blue

Buy 1 - 9 Mats - $69.00 each ($75.90 inc GST)

Buy 10 + Mats - $64.00 each ($70.40 inc GST)

ON SALE $69.00 ($75.90inc GST)
$62.00 ($68.20 inc GST)!