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Friedola Mat Hanging Rack Specs. Solid Studio Mats, Ribbed Pilates Mats Hanging Rack Specs Friedola Mats Hanging Rack Solid Studio, Ribbed Pilates Mats Hanging Rack

Hanging Racks for Yoga & Pilates Mats

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Suitable for most mats with hang rings:
Ribbed Pilates Mat
Solid Studio High Density Mat
Friedola Mats



Change your space and how you store your mats with our Hanging Racks. Available in 3 Sizes to suit a whole range of mats, these racks are made from solid steel and can hold up to 10 mats at time.

**Please note that screws are not included. Each Rack does require four screws for installation.

Solid Studio & Ribbed Pilates Mat Hanging Rack

Back Plate: 56cm x 8cm
Prongs: 26cm Long x 1.2cm Diameter
Distance: 50cm (centre to centre)
Weight: 1.5kg

Suitable for our 6mm Solid Studio High Density Yoga Mats or our Ribbed Pilates Mat with Hang Rings

$40.00 ($44.00 inc GST)

Friedola Mats Hanging Rack

Back Plate: 50cm x 8cm
Prongs: 26cm Long x 2cm Diameter
Distance: 45cm (centre to centre)
Weight: 1.3kg

Suitable for our 8mm Diamond Embossed Gymasntikmatten or our 8mm Bicolor Fitness Mats

$40.00 ($44.00 inc GST)