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Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers

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A Beautiful Blending of Yoga and Buddhism

Join acclaimed teacher Sarah Powers for a beautiful meeting of yoga and buddhism that creates an energetic yet safe environment for profound inner exploration. Insight Yoga features over four hours of practices, including two Yin yoga practices, two dynamic Vinyasa sequences and guided Meditation. Make this DVD the cornerstone of your home practice!

In order for our practices to encourage a balanced equilibrium on all levels of our being, we must address both the Yin, or receptive aspects of our nature, as well as the Yang, or active, radiant qualities. These two primordial energies are considered to be inseperable in all forms of existence, with any imbalance in our body/mind organism traceable to either an excess or depletion of these Yin or Yang energies. Each day it is essential tha we asses our overall constitution and choose the practces best suited to balance us.

Sarah Power's interest in understanding the inseperability of the physical, energetic, emotional and mental domains of our being has inspired her to interweave these teachings from Chinese medicine with the rich traditions of Yoga. This union forms the basis of Yin/Yang Yoga, and the foundation of the practices presented on this DVD. Through their application we aim to restore and revitalize the body and mind, while cultivating an inner atmosphere for contemplation and meditation to arise with greater ease.

Highlights from this DVD include:

  • Over 4 hours of practice material

  • 2 unique 1-hour Yin yoga sequences with commentaries on Buddhadharma and Chinese medicine

  • 1 hour vigorous Vinyasa sequence

  • 40-minute Sun Salutation sequence

  • 10-minute guided Sivasana relaxation practice

  • 30-minute guided meditation practice

  • Programmable sequences for a variety of practice combinations