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JADE Fusion 8mm Yoga Mat

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JADE'S THICKEST YOGA MAT - 8mm! From $188.25
Standard: 60cm x 173cm (24 X 68'')
Long Size: 60cm x 188cm
(24 X 74'')
XL & XW Size: 71cm x 203cm
(28 X 80'')
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The Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is the thickest mat in the Jade range. These Yoga Mats are 8mm thick which makes them perfect for restorative yoga, core fitness practices and cross fit! Ideal for those who require a little extra cushion when it comes to yoga, these Fusion Yoga Mats will definitely help your hands, wrists, feet and knees when it comes to comfort and support.        

  • Standard Size: 60cm Wide x 173cm Long (24 X 68'') (approx. 3.6kg)
    Long Size: 60cm Wide x 188cm Long (24 X 74'') (approx. 3.9kg)
    XL & XW Size: 71cm Wide x 203cm Long (28 X 80'') (Only avaible in Two-Tone Purple & Midnight - approx. 4.5kg)
  • Made from Natural Rubber

  • Optimum grip

  • Thick, comfortable support

  • Provides great traction, cushion & stability

  • The open cell rubber absorbs sweat and keeps you in place during your practice

  • No need to break it in - non-slip from the start!

  • Perfect for restorative yoga and for rehabilitative purposes

This Rubber Yoga Mat is made from dried natural rubber tree material Havea Brasiliensis - a renewable resource with a strong internal mesh.
As they are from a rubber tree, there may be trace amounts of latex proteins in the mats, so we recommend that people with latex allergies avoid contact with these mats.

Jade rubber is sourced mostly in Vietnam and Malaysia but manufactured in the United States in compliance with all US environmental and health and safety laws. All materials in this mat are approved by the FDA for use in rubber products in continuous contact with food and drugs. Contains no PVC, EVA, TPE, heavy metals or ozone depleting substances.