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Jade Yoga Meditation Cushions

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Receive $10 off when purchasing a Zafu & Zabuton!
Please note that if you would like to mix and match colours, please leave us a message in the yellow message box upon checking out and we will amend the order manually in our office.

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Receive $10 off when purchasing a Zafu & Zabuton Set!



Jade's Meditation Cushions are meant to bring both comfort and support to your practice.

The Jade Zafu Meditation Cushion provides ample support and is meant to help improve posture while seated by taking pressure off of the ankles, knees, and back. These are available with a cotton filling or a buckwheat filling. Cotton will promote a higher seat and a more forward posture, whereas buckwheat filling is a little more mouldable for added comfort during long sessions.

The Jade Zabuton Meditation Cushion is a larger but softer cushion and is meant to provide more comfort while meditating. Both cushions may be used together by stacking the Zafu on top of the Zabuton.

  • Covers made from organic cotton

  • Batting made from 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester

  • Zafu cushions may be filled with either cotton or buckwheat

  • Zabuton cushions only available with cotton filling

  • All Zabuton cushions have an inside liner which allows you to remove the cover to wash it more easily

  • The Zafu and Zabuton cushions are available Black, Khaki and Lavender

Cotton Zafu Cushions - $98.00 each ($107.80 inc GST)

Buckwheat Zafu Cushions - $101.00 each ($111.10 inc GST)

Zabuton (Cotton Filling Only) - $131.00 each ($144.10 inc GST)

Full Meditation Sets (Receive $10 off when purchasing a Zafu & Zabuton!)

Cotton Zafu & Zabuton $218.00 ($239.80 inc GST)

Buckwheat Zafu & Zabuton $221.00 ($243.10 inc GST)