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Jump Board

Product Code: rtya-jb

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$338.00 ($371.80 inc GST)



Fitted to both the pilates Clinical Reformer and Fitness Reformer, the lightweight jump board allows for balance, standing and plyometrics work to be performed. The large non-slip surface provides stability and minimises hazards.

Length 59cm
Width 50cm
Weight 4kg

Limited 2 Year Warranty

The jump board can either be used flat - for exercises such as:

  • Standing lunges

  • Hip AB/Adduction in standing

  • 4 point kneeling exercises

  • Lower back extension stretches

  • Standing balance work

  • Calf and hamstring stretching

  • Plyometric work - mostly lunges

The board can then be flipped to vertical, and used as a landing, for supine exercises (on back)

Exercises with the jump board vertically include:

  • Landing practice (for dancers / netball / basketballers)

  • Various hip exercises - to improve ROM and strength of legs - such as squats, jumps, hops

  • Calf strength work

  • Various calf stretching exercises