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Laser Etched PU & Natural Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat

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$85.00 ($93.50 inc GST)



With a grippy surface unlike any other, our brand new PU Alignment Yoga Mats will have you perfectly aligned, supported and stable throughout your practice.
Made with a Polyurethane surface and matched with a Natural Rubber base, these yoga mats are have a dense, supportive body and excellent traction on top.

  • 68cm Wide x 185cm Long - Slightly wider and slightly longer than your average yoga mat!

  • 5mm Thick - PUrfect for both hard floors and carpeted surfaces

  • Weight - Approx. 3.3kg

  • Slip Resistant - Great wet or dry traction

  • Laser Graph Alignment Lines - To help you stay focused and grounded during your practice

  • Wear & Tear Resistant - Polyurethane has a higher wear resistance to rubber when treated right!

  • Durable & Easy to Clean - Please see cleaning details below

Please note

  • These yoga mats contain rubber, so they will smell like rubber. This will dissipate over time but upon opening, please be aware that there will be a smell.

  • With a lot of Polyurethane surface yoga mats, sometimes during your practice you may find sweat marks on your mat where your hands and feet have been. This does occur on a lot of PU Yoga Mats and tends to be more noticeable upon lighter coloured ones. Please be sure to wipe down your yoga mat after your practice and try to avoid the mat coming into contact with any oils, creams or acidic substances as they may break down the surface and affect the grip.

  • Please note that these mats can be used outdoors but please try to avoid too much time in the sun as it may dry out the rubber on the bottom and affect the grip and the design on top.

  • When not in use, please do not fold this mat up. Roll it up with the alignment lines (top side) on the outside.