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Look at your living room in a way you never have before! Where better to practice yoga, than in the comfort of your own home? Eva will show you how to turn your living room into your own personal yoga studio. Based on Iyengar's principles of alignment this workout includes movement (vinyasa), breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga calisthenics to help strengthen the body and mind. By working your body as a whole you'll learn new sources of strength and energy, and increase your overall flexibility. This is an intermediate workout, if you are new to yoga, please refer to the library section of the DVD where Eva will teach you the fundamental poses needed to comfortably follow along.

Starring: Eva Barash

Running Time: 98 minutes

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

Languages: English

Year: 2007

The first release from Living Room Yoga, Strengthen and Lengthen, reached #4 on Amazon and was selected as one of the best DVDs by Shape Magazine in March 2008! The second release from Living Room Yoga, Twist and Bend, has already reached #2 on Amazon.

The Living Room Yoga series is conceived and taught by Eva Barash. Eva created Living Room Yoga in 2000 and has since brought energy and life to her students' bodies, minds, and homes. Eva trained intensively at the Sivananda Ashram in India, earning certificates in both basic and advanced teacher training. Later, in the U.S., she completed a year of alignment-based training and is also certified to teach prenatal and post partum yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga for kids. Additionally, Eva has worked as a doula, supporting women through childbirth.