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Lotus Disc Acupressure Mats

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There are a number of benefits associated with the use of Acupressure Mats. There increase in popularity over recent times is due to them being an alternative option for natural pain relief from both physical and mental ailments.
They help to increase your blood flow and circulation which in turn accelerates the body's natural healing process.

The calming effect of these mats helps you to fall asleep easier and deeper, leaving you more rejuvenated when you wake.

Acupressure Mats can help relieve you of the following:

  • Head aches & neck pain

  • Stress & tension

  • Back pain / spinal soreness

  • Sciatica pain

  • Restlessness / fatigue / insomnia

  • Ease tight and sore muscles

  • Nausea

  • Mentstrual pain

Our brand new Lotus Disc Acupressure Mats contain over 6000 spoints designed to help stimulate acupuncture points, muscles and nerves.
These mats are made with cotton covers, linen inners and foam/coco filling inside.

242 x 30mm Diameter Buttons | 25 Spikes per Buttons | 6050 Spikes

  • 78cm x 45cm

  • Fabrics: Cotton Duck Canvas, Linen

  • Buttons: ABS Virgin Plastic

  • Inner Filling: 17mm Foam