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5cm Red Massage Ball 6cm Orange Massage Ball 7cm Green Massage Ball 7cm Hard Yellow Message Ball 8cm Yellow Massage Ball 9cm Red Massage Ball 9cm Hard Purple Massage Ball 10cm Blue Massage Ball 10cm Hard Massage Ball - Colours subject to availability Red Back Roller Peanut Massage Ball 16cm Blue Massage Roller 200g Green Sand Roller 10cm Hard Massage Ball w/ Retail Box

Massage Balls (Assorted)

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16cm Blue Massage Roll ON SALE $6.00!!
Usually $12.00

Prices Starting from $12.00 ($13.20 inc GST)



Use of massage balls combines the principals of acupuncture, zone therapy and massage to bring relaxation and relief to sore areas. Reduce muscle tightness and deepen your yoga practice.

Popular with Reflexologists for use on trigger points. These muscle release balls reduce repetitive strain issues and aid in releasing deep muscle tissues (e.g. IT bands and tensor fasciae latae muscles). Stimulate reflexology points on the hands and feet and can reduce or eliminate headaches by lying on top of the balls at back of head at the sub occipital area.

Spiky type massage balls are ideal for massaging fingers, foot and body, (also for finger and grip exercise), great for movement therapy, nerve stimulation, increased blood flow etc...  

Can also be used in water.

*Important Notice: Regular Massage Balls and Tools are not suitable for full body weight standing on as they may eventually come apart!
If you damage the balls by using them as pilates massage balls for standing poses we will not take them back.
If you are wanting balls to stand on, please choose the Hard 10cm, Hard 9cm or Hard 7cm.