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Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Yoga Mat 3mm

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$36.00 ($39.60 inc GST)
Size 152cm x 60cm



Namaste, dude.

  • Size: 152cm x 60cm x 3mm

  • Professional Grade Yoga Mat made from high density foam and environmentally friendly polymer resin

  • Improves children’s balance without slipping

  • Take your mat anywhere: lightweight and easy to carry

  • Hand wash and easy to wipe clean

  • Stay Safe: Contains no harmful phthalates, 6P and Latex Free

Product Highlights

Even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take time to learn and practice new moves. For teens, a little humor and adventure will help get the most out of their yoga routine. Show them how fun yoga can be with Leonardo by their side! They’ll love the challenge of using strength and balance to master ninja-like poses, and build confidence along the way.

Regular yoga practice is a great way for kids to destress and relax. They can step away from the troubles of school or sports and just breathe. They’ll enjoy the sense of freedom and control yoga can bring, and learn to focus by clearing their minds. The positive and non-competitive nature of yoga can benefit all kids, athletic or not.

Practice and learn with friends, anywhere. Teens can jump in on adult classes, practice on their own at home or at the park with a couple friends. This non-slip latex free mat is 6P free, so they’re safe practicing even the toughest ninja moves.