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Peanut Ball (Large Sizes)

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$39.50 ($43.45 inc GST)



Peanut Ball - Smooth Surface $39.50 ($43.45 inc GST)

Gives greater stability than with spherical fitness balls.         
Ideal to strengthen, stretch and realign the muscles supporting your back.
Ideal for phycically challenged and offers more safety as ball cal only roll forwards or backwards. Safety for assisting therapist to sit aside. 

Available in 50cm (85cm around) or 60cm (95cm around)

Peanut Ball - Massage Surface $49.50 ($54.45 inc GST)

Peanut shape balls move forward and backward only, to easily control balance and coordinate exercise.

The knobby surface can stimulate and relax muscles, and is suitable for all ages, but particularly for children, the elderly and therapists who require this control for their clients.

Available in 50cm (85cm around) or 60cm (95cm around)

Please Note: Balls are shipped uninflated.
They can be inflated by a special pump (click here) or at a local service station or bicycle shop.

Peanut Balls & Pregnancy

Peanut Balls can be used for a variety of strength and training exercises. Additionally, these balls are very popular with pregnant women and can be used a relief assistant when in labor. Used a leg support or as a means to sit yourself more comfortably, these balls can also help increase your pelvic diameter by small simple movements. Whilst round birthing balls are considered the norm, Peanut Balls have become a more popular means as there shape enables you sit over it in a straddling position that is more comfortable and easier to balance.