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Eco Ribbed Pilates Mats

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ON SALE: HANG RING Pilates Mat 60x180x15mm BLACK ONLY $54.00 ($59.40inc GST)
$33.00 ($36.30 inc GST)!
10mm, 15mm & 20mm AVAILABLE



This is our Premium Fitness Mat. It has excellent cushioning for your activity as well as a cushioned sponge like feel of a non-slip surface. The Rib Pilates Mat is hard-wearing, long-lasting, resists moisture and wipes clean with a damp cloth. The Rib Fitness mat is ideal for low impact (relaxing) styles such as gentle or beginners Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga or people with special remedial needs for comfort. This is the typical mat you would use for any type of matwork activities such as Pilates or Fitness exercises, as they provide you with a great deal of cushioning support. The Ribbed Pilates Mat is therefore often used in larger gyms where all types of exercises must be catered for.

Product Features:

  • NBR Foam

  • Free carry strap included

  • Non-slip gently ribbed surface

  • Rounded corners

  • Ultra soft foam gives superb cushioning

  • Insulates against cold floors; warm and comfortable to the touch

  • Hard wearing and long-lasting with a higher density to add durability

  • Foam surface gives innate moisture / humidity resistance

  • Resistant to most chemicals and oils

  • CFC & PVC Free; does not contain CFC ozone depleting materials and phthalate ester plasticizer

  • Lightweight; rolls easily into a compact size for travel and storage

  • Wipe clean with mild detergent or a non-solvent water-based spray.

  • After cleaning, leave unrolled until dry

  • As with all mats, keep out of direct sunlight and keep clear of sharp objects