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Placemats Coasters Banana Cobalt Blue Hunter Green Melon Cream / White

Place-It Placemats & Coasters

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Place Mat - $4.00 each ($4.40 inc GST)
Pack of 4 Coasters - $2.00 per pack ($2.20 inc GST)



Place-It non-slip placemats and coasters come in several colours and add extra grip to your table or any other surface (e.g. Pilates reformer). They are durable, long lasting and suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. You can wash the Place-It mats easily in warm soapy water.

No more slips or spills!

  • Long lasting
  • Lets air circulate
  • Resists mould and mildew
  • Can be used for multiple things - Perfect as a table place mat, for use under keyboards and to keep cushions secure
  • Durable - Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Use in the fridge to keep fruit and produce fresh and prevent bruising
  • Perfect as a hand grip - helpful for opening jars and gripping tools

Sizing & Pricing

Rectangular Place Mat Size - 45cm x 30cm

Available in Banana, Cobalt Blue, Hunter Green, Melon Green & Cream/White

$4.00 each ($4.40 inc GST)

Round Coaster Size - 11cm Diameter - Available in Packs of 4

Available in Cream/White, Cobalt Blue & Hunter Green

$2.00 per pack ($2.20 inc GST)

Square Coaster Size - 14cm x 14cm - Available in Packs of 4

Available in Dark Green

$2.00 per pack ($2.20 inc GST)


Also available in larger sizes - Please see our Multi Grip Rug Underlay page