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Pregnancy: A Yoga Journey For Two

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2 x DVD disc set containing variations for each trimester with clear instructions on how to perform the yoga asanas safely, practice rhythmical breathing & conclude with relaxation.

A unique prenatal programme presented over 2 DVDs

The first DVD is a guided class for women in their first and second trimesters, with variations in the instructions for each of these terms. The second DVD is also a guided class for those in their third trimester, with variations in the instructions, along with the use of humble props to accommodate the later term.

The yoga practices presented in these DVDs will instruct expectant mothers how to perform the yoga asanas safely and support the life within. Emphasis on the yoga breathing will steady the mind and nerves and also oxygenate the blood stream. The guided relaxation at the end of each DVD ensures adequate rest and promotes a time to connect with the life within.

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