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Professional Balance Fitness Balls

Product Code: rtyAFBr/pro

Please note that colours are subject to availability.

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$39.60 ($43.56 inc GST)
Anti-Burst Resistance: 450kg



Known as the Balance Ball, Birth Ball, Body Ball, Fitness Ball, Gym Ball, Physio Ball, Sports Ball, Stability Ball, Therapy Ball or Yoga Ball.

When using these balls your body responds to the instability of the ball. As a reaction your body will engage different muscle groups in an effort to remain steady. Most frequently the core body muscles (abdominal and back muscles) are the main focus of fitness ball use, but you can also find ways to train all other regions of the body.

These balls differ from our Standard Balance Fitness Balls as they have a much higher burst resistance - 450kgs (1000lbs)

Available in 55cm, 65cm or 75cm

Colours are subject to availability and change reguarly.

Please Note:
Our Fitness Balls are tough skinned and require a three stage blow up. After you fill the ball with air, please leave it for 24-48 hours - this gives it time to stretch its skin. After that time you can top it up with more air. For a fast blow up you can take the ball to a bike shop or a petrol station (somewhere with a mechanical air supply) but if the skin is not correctly stretched please be wary of its tolerance.
These balls are made with a tolerance that allows them to be blown up an extra 12cm.