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Small Cover - Black - 39cm x 20cm

Black Sandbag INNER + OUTER Case (Sand not included)

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($17.60 inc GST)



Sandbags are often used in both yoga and pilates to deepen stretches by placing the sandbag on your knees during seated poses, on your thigh in a kneeling pose, or to stretch your arms behind your back.


  • Dramatically improves strength, power, balance and coordination

  • Whereas things like dumbbells and weight balls are static tools for muscle development, the motion of sand in these bags can help increase balance and coordination to a higher degree

  • Filling up the sandbags up yourself enables you to adjust them to a weight that is more suited to you, your body and your practice

Suggestions for using Sandbags:

  • Use yoga sand bag on shoulders, or tricep dip stretch

  • Use yoga sand bag on thighs (hero's pose) or reclined leg stretch.

  • Use yoga sand bag on abdomen (breathing) deep relaxation pose.

  • Use yoga sand bag under feet (hamstring stretch) or buttocks (lift)

Small Sandbag Inner + Outer Case

Holds approximately 4.5kg
39cm x 20cm

Buy 1 - 9 - $16.00 each ($17.60 inc GST)
Buy 10+ - $13.00 each ($14.30 inc GST)

Please note that only the Small Sandbags come with handles and they have an insert and a zipper to hold the sand inside.

Sizing is approximate. Some batches may vary the littlest bit.