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TopGrip Grip Fabric / Sheets

Product Code: rtTOP

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TopGrip from Finland & German-Made Rubber Sheeting available



TopGrip is a waterproof, windproof material that is resistant to oil, chemicals and abrasion. TopGrip is a flexible, durable material made from 100% cotton and self-manufactured PVC plastic coatings. It consists of high quality raw European materials and is made in Finland by Jokasafe.

TopGrip is suitable for virtually any item requiring extra grip. It is easy to cut, sew and glue and is easily attachable to other plastics by plastic welding and seaming.


  • Target shooting gloves

  • Working gloves

  • Safety and work wear

  • Suitable for safety equipment

  • Restore lost grip on your shooting mat, jacket or pants

  • Replace elbow pads on clothing and work wear

  • Prevents movement (elbow moving on thigh, knee moving on ground etc)

Sizing & Pricing:

2mm Thick TopGrip
510mm x 800mm - $90.00 ($99.00 inc GST)
1020mm x 800mm - $140.00 ($154.00 inc GST)

4mm Thick TopGrip
510mm x 800mm - $117.00 ($128.70 inc GST)
1020mm x 800mm - $180.00 ($198.00 inc GST)

Red Rubber Grip - ON ENQUIRY ONLY!
High quality, Made in Germany

Pimpled Red Rubber Grip Sheet
1000mm x 550mm - $50.00 ($55.00 inc GST)

Smooth Red Rubber Grip Sheet
1080mm x 1000mm - $70.00 ($77.00 inc GST)