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Solid Studio High Density Yoga Mat 3/4 High Density, Straight Edge Yoga Blocks - Available in Purple, Black & Grey 180cm Cinch Yoga Straps - Available in Purple, Blue & Black Large Round Budget Bolsters - Available in Black, Navy, Purple, Red & Green

Solid Studio Home Kit

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$109.39 ($120.32 inc GST)



Bring your yoga studio home with you with our new Solid Studio Home Kit. Including all the basics to help you get started with your home practice.

1 x 180cm Solid Studio Yoga Mat

2 x 3/4 High Density, Straight Edge Blocks

1 x 180cm Cinch Yoga Stretching Strap

1 x Large Budget Bolster

$116.15 ($129.67 inc GST)

$109.39 ($120.32 inc GST)

Kit is available with the option for the long 200cm Solid Studio Mat. There will be an extra $3.00 (plus GST) surcharge.