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Tableliner Extra Wide - For restaurants, schools, artists etc

Product Code: rtFLO

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from $22 by the metre
100cm or 200cm extra wide



TABLELINER is a Swiss made product with a plastic film top and a tacky non-woven base. It will grip to and protect any table underneath whilst giving some cushioning impact resistance to further guard the protected surface finish and add comfort to patrons arms as well.

Used on its own our Surface Liner can be easily cleaned from spills etc. Actually it is made to resist spills by builders paints. It can also be used under tablecloths and any wine spills etc will not go through to the table surface below.

In the kitchen this table protector can be used over marble benchtops and valuable floors for added protection. Great for in-home catering services - save expensive replacement of Architectural surfaces and furnishings.

  • Economical for restaurants. Young customers can draw on it, then wipe it off for the next person, or throw it out when worn.
  • Use it to line floors at kids parties, let them eat off it, spill there drinks and food and just wipe off and re-roll for next time. Will not bunch up and move!

Non-marking, no taping required but can be overlapped for extra safety. Quick lay without folds. May be rolled-up and re-used many times over (depends on soiling).

You can either get full 50metre rolls in 100cm or 200cm width, or you can get custom cut pieces - then please specify your desired length (See pricing details below).  

Pricing & Sizing Details for the Original Tableliner:

Type Dimension Price
Cut Length 100cm wide x Custom Length $22.00 per metre
($24.20 inc GST)
Whole Roll 100cm wide x 50mtr length $350.00 per roll
($385.00 inc GST)
Cut Length 200cm wide x Custom Length $44.00 per metre
($48.40 inc GST)
Whole Roll 200cm wide x 50mtr length $700.00 per roll
($770.00 inc GST)