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17.5cm Blue (Beginner) 15cm Green (Intermediate) 12.5cm Yellow (Advanced) 10cm Red (Advanced)

Tai Chi / Myotherapy Balls

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$10.80 each ($11.88 inc GST)



Known as Myotherapy or Myofascial-release balls, these have a smooth surface. The 15cm ball is most popular and firm for areas such as: neck, shoulder, arm, abdomen and pelvis and the reduction of air blown in can suit the spine or more specific muscles. Help trigger and release muscle stress points improving muscle tone, circulation, postural alignment and flexibility.

Suggested exercises can be referred. Release for calf/hamstring, back standing or supine (face up), quadriceps.  Triceps press, overhead pulls, leg lifts, bridges, crunches and many other variations.

Made of soft PVC

These thick skinned, inflatable Myotherapy Balls provide a smooth & comfortable surface when positioned under your body. These balls will help with myofascial release and will assist in equalizing muscle tension throughout the body.

Available in four sizes:

17.5cm - Beginner

15cm - Intermediate (Most Popular Size)

12.5cm - Advanced

10cm - Very Advanced

Please note balls are shipped uninflated. If you need a pump, they can be purchased here!