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BackJack Meditation Chairs

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If you are purchasing 10+ BackJack Meditation Chairs with us today, please remember to apply the bulk discount that applies to your order in the box below. Orders put through at the incorrect price will be amended in our office when processed.

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THREE SIZES: Original, Folding, XL
4 COLORS. From $79. Made in USA



Heavily padded for comfort, the BackJack chair has proven a popular meditation chair for sitting on the floor. Recognised by various medical groups for its benefits in position and back relief/support.

Whether it’s for children, adults, video gamers, meditation, yoga, childbirth classes to management seminars, the BackJack meditation chair is available in a variety of sizes, colours and models to meet the needs of its diverse applications.

BackJack meditation chairs feature a soft 10-oz cotton duck fabric which holds up to years of use over a rigid, lightweight, steel rustproof frame.
Folding model includes strap to secure the folded foot for easy storage and transportation. The folding unit contains a patented design with a spring allowing the chair to be folded in half for increased storability and portability – you can take this comfortable chair with you on the go! 

Full chair rear metal extension is covered by fabric as well.

Please note: We carry stock in 4 very popular colors in 3 styles. Sometimes schools order up in quantities but we are happy to put your particular order into backorder. The range is Black, Camoflage, Burgundy, Purple, Orange, Blues (Dark Denim, Light Denim, Navy, Royal Blue), Forest Green, Sand, Natural. Please email us and we can help you with colors.