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ToeToe Grip Socks - Mid-Calf Trainer

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ToeToe Anti-Slip Sole Socks are designed with yogis in mind. The rubber dots on the bottom of the socks enable you to stay grounded and slip-free during your practice. There is no risk of slipping as you are always grounded to the floor. ToeToe Socks also help to keep your feet at an optimal temperature during exercise classes minimising perspiration.

84% Cotton, 13% Elastane, 3% Spandex

Seamless Construction
Seamless knitting technology provides gentle hold without restriction

Blister Prevention
Helps prevent blisters as there is no friction between the toes

Increased Toe Movement in the Foot
Effectively communicates with the body hence promotes good postural habits and balance

Secure Grip with Anti-Slip Sole
The rubber dots on the sole provides secure grip and stability