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ToeToe Silver Health Socks

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Please note that these ToeToe Socks differ from the other ones we stock. The Silver Mid-Calf Socks do not have rubber grip dots on the bottom of them.

Remember you can mix and match these with all of our other ToeToe Yoga Socks and still pay the bulk price!

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$18.60 ($20.46 inc GST)



Toe seperation provides an amazing sensation of comfort just like the feeling of being barefoot. ToeToe's Silver Mid-Calf Toe Socks have a classic design that incorporates the great benefits of ToeToe technology. These socks allow each toe to move individually, which encourages an increase in comfort and spreads the toes more naturally.

Conventional socks allow moisture to build up between your toes creating an ideal environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive; that's the main cause of that embarassing foot odour. These Silver Mid-Calf Toe Socks have anti-microbial properties that prevent bacteria from growing and multiplying.

83% Cotton, 7% Silver, 10% Spandex


Small - UK 3-7 | EU 35-41 | AU 5-7 (Currently unavailable)

Medium - UK 8-12 | EU 42-48 | AU 8-12

They are ideal for any occasion, from wearing them at the office to casually wearing them at home. ToeToe Socks simply put your feet in a good mood.

Seamless Construction
Seamless knitting technology provides a gentle hold without restriction

Blister Prevention
Helps to prevent blisters as there is no friction between the toes

Adapts the temperature of the season- stay warm in water and cool in summer

Anti-Microbial & Anti-Odour
By controlling the factors of bacterial growth (warmth, moisture, dirt), preventing bad smells and athletes foot

Continuous Toe Movement Pattern
Maintains constant blood circulation and provides optimum warmth in toes

Toe Seperation
Encourages toe exercise that keeps them in their natural shape