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ToeToe Toe Seperator Socks

Product Code: rtyagtt/seperator/turquoise

Not for sale to the USA. If you are purchasing 10+ Pairs of Socks with us today, please apply the bulk discount below. Remember you can mix and match these with all of our other ToeToe Yoga Socks and still pay the bulk price!

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$18.60 ($20.46 inc GST)



Toe movement is an important part of proprioception and toe seperation- aided by the ToeToe Toe Seperator Socks- can help the foot and brain function efficiently and in conjunction with each other. The foot is a dexterous and sensitive creation meaning that conventional socks can limit feedback to the brain causing the toes to act as one unit and not seperately. This outcome can limit the body's balance, position and posture.

80% Cotton, 20% Elastane

Designed for: toe seperation, gentle toe stretch, helps also to relieve foot pain and helps with balance.

Increase Awareness
Helps to prevent blisters and there is no friction between the toes

Experience Self Foot Treatment
Gently massage areas to get the sensation first hand

Promotes Better Hygiene
By controlling the factors of bacterial growth (warmth, moisture, dirt), preventing bad smells and athletes foot

Continuous Toe Movement Pattern
Maintains constant blood circulation and provides optimum warmth

Helps to exercise muscles, tendons and ligaments which relieves foot pain and helps with balance.
One size fits all. Socks come with a L & R indicator on each sock. Only available in Turquoise.