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ToeToe Grip Socks - Open Toe Trainer

Product Code: rtyagtta/tropntoe

Please note that different batches may have varying patterns for the grip dots on the bottom of the sock. Please remember that the specific pattern in no way affects or defects the functionality of the grip sock.

If you are purchasing 10+ Pairs of Socks with us today, please apply the bulk discount below. Remember you can mix and match these with all of our other ToeToe Yoga Socks and still pay the bulk price!

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The ToeToe Open Toe Trainer Socks give your toes and feet a lot of freedom. You won't even notice you're wearing socks because they give you such a barefoot sensation. There is no risk of slipping as you are always gripped to the floor.

84% Cotton, 13% Elastane, 3% Spandex

Designed for: Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Aerobics, the Gym, at Home.
These socks are also suitable for elderly people who may have trouble with slipping when walking.

Seamless Construction
Seamless snitting technology provides a gentle hold without restriction

Blister Prevention
Helps prevent blisters as there is no friction between the toes

Anatomical Toe Seperation
Seperating the toes provides a protective layer around each toe that helps to reduce the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and blisters

Open Toe for Better Stability
Bare toes provide secure grip and awareness which contributes to better stability and balance

Increased Toe Movement in the Foot
Effectively communicates with the body hence promotes good postural habits and balance

Continuous Toe Movement Pattern
Maintains constant blood circulation and provides optimum warmth

Toe Seperation
Encourages toe exercise that keeps them in their natural shape

Secure Grip with Anti-Slip Sole
The rubber dots on the sole help to provide a secure grip for more stability

Barefoot Feeling
Toe seperation provides a complete barefoot sensation